Best Software 2016

The Best Software of the Year 2016 show that free applications has made it on the list of the most popular and best most underrated programs. The best software in 2016 is organized for easy overview in the browsers, antivirus, Clean-up Utilities and Firewalls applications. This is the best of 2016 software.

Best Software 2016

Browser – The most popular gateways to the world

The Best Software to the area of ​​the browser is identified again among the most popular applications of last year. Google Chrome managed by tests and popularity of the first rank. The browser Firefox 31 also made ​​it to the list of popular software. Both browsers confident in terms of the integration of add-ons, the speed, and security while surfing. Other browsers lost here the connection, as it increasingly came to complications in the preparation of elements or to longer loading times.

Antivirus Software

If the computer is infected with a virus, this is a risk for personal documents, photos , videos and other information sources. The most popular applications recorded in tests to be particularly reliably detect through secure updates also modern virus types and are also free from the download available. Among the best software managed the long-running Avast Free Antivirus 2016. The series of Avast has long been popular and in high demand – a good basis for applying the daily surfing. Panda also Free Antivirus made ​​it to the list. The software is suitable for those who like to put as little effort as possible into the settings and still want to enjoy the benefits of protection. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition also made ​​it to one of the courts. The program is a small background application with a large income.

Clean Up Utilities best of 2016 Software

Clean Up Utilities are used to remove old files, which have no sense from the computer. In the list of best 2016 software managed the CCleaner, a free program that cleans up unnecessary files. From another division of Defraggler comes. In the list of Best Software 2016 abolished the application although the modern hard drives can provide in significantly less time to access already and the classic defragmenting is gone out of fashion. The program still manages to release unused space and to speed up access even more.

Firewall best Software

In addition to antivirus software may not be missing in the list of the best of 2015 the appropriate software firewall. Also popular are the Comodo Firewall and ZoneAlarm Free Firewal. The software shows when a program sends data to the Internet and this can possibly block to make access to the network impossible. As Best Software applications may not be missing.

Conclusion Best Software 2016

Among the best of 2016 software also managed other applications from the image and video editing area. Numerous Apps and Games have proven to be very popular and useful. The best software in 2016 is not only about the price. So could also shine with the new Windows operating system Win 10 and the Office package related.